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J-É Cultural Consulting focuses on creative ways of approaching business projects from workplace inclusion, equity practices, organizational behavior and change management to social justice campaigns, inclusive marketing content, educational programs and public talks with a one-of-kind strategy that involves:
Acknowledging global narratives and multicultural learning.
Analyzing intersectional identities, experiences and narratives.

 Amplifying connective cultural points between individuals.



Multicultural Marketing Strategies





Curriculum Development



Academic Advising & Mentorship

Business Training & Group Facilitation


Strategies and Planning

Community Building Workshops Strategies and Planning

Content Writing 



Topics of Specialisation

  • Neurodiversity & the 8 types of intelligence

  • Acknowledging Global LGBTQ+ Narratives

  • Arabness and Communities in the US

  • Mobility, Stability & Neo-Ability

  • Immigrants/Foreigners in the Workplace

  • Globalization & Multicultural Marketing

  • Intersectionality in the Workplace

  • Allyship & Internal Bias to External Actions

  • Cross-Cultural Competence & Intercultural Dynamics

  • Multicultural Storytelling and Narratives

  • Diversity Holiday Months: Arab American Heritage Month - Disability Month - Global Diversity Month - PRIDE Month - Immigrant Heritage Month 

examples of MY work

Intersectionality Workshop - TDM

DEI Strategies for Arab Employees - Market Enginuity

IMC copy.jpeg
Incluside Leadership Guide

Inclusive Leadership Guide - BevSource

DEI Course Curriculum Development - WVU

Client Testimonials

Jackie .png
Jad-Évangelo is a talented and passionate writer, trainer and speaker who is a thought-leader in the topics of inclusive marketing, inclusion in the workplace and multicultural leadership. He exhibited timeliness, work ethic and professionalism in his engagements and we are exploring more ways to partner with him given his passion and educational approach.

Jackie Ferguson (She/her)
Co-Founder/VP Content Programming
The Diversity Movement

Thomas Barnette.jpg
I had the privilege of consulting with Jad for a major international client to gain cultural insight on hiring practices and leadership inclusion for Black Americans, Women over 35 and Veterans. Jad was extremely thorough in his knowledge and presentation of information about these groups. He was able to pinpoint some key issues that allowed me to present a more comprehensive plan to the President of the organisation and their HR Executive team. His ability to bridge the gap between the hiring process needs, and sustainability of those employees into a more inclusive environment that allows them to be their most authentic self was brilliant.  I look forward to collaborating with him again on many other projects in the future.

Thomas Barnette (he/him)

Empaxion LLC
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