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“Hello - Bonjour! - ¡Hola! - مرحبا - Sak Pasé!”


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Welcome to my universe of global aspiration and cultural empowerment! I am Jad-Évangelo Nasser, a multilingual professional (fluent in English, French, Arabic & intermediate fluency in Spanish and Haitian Creole) and educator in the media, communications, advertising/marketing, and academic fields with expertise in multi-cultural learning, Diversity & Inclusion practices, creative marketing/communication strategies, and organizational and team leadership. I was born and raised in a small village in Lebanon to a Lebanese mother and a Palestinian father (later in life I discovered our small yet eye-opening intersecting heritage with Haiti, which led me to learn more about and amplify the Arab/Haitian narrative). I started working in the creative communications industry in 2011 with the purpose of producing narratives and campaigns that empower communities around the world.

I have worked with award-winning and industry-leading ad agencies such as BBDO, McCann Worldgroup, Wunderman Thompson, Transperfect, and TBWA in different countries (Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and New York) and have gained a vast understanding of multicultural marketing by working on campaigns for many countries in the Middle East, North African and North American regions with a focus on diverse target audiences.

After departing the Middle East to pursue my Masters in Digital Storytelling at The New School (Parsons) in New York City, My passion for Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice narratives has sparked! I learned so much from individuals of different backgrounds which led me to produce my short film Once Upon A Color and pursue strategic and learning-oriented roles at Post University, CUNY Tech, 100 Roses From Concrete, and The Diversity Movement. I focus my work on establishing creative strategies and multicultural-focused learning practices geared towards empowering communities and individuals of diverse backgrounds in the United States (and around the world).

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