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McDonalds - True to Tradition
Agency: McCann/Fp7

Market: Saudi Arabia - United Arab Emirates and East Asia

Cultural Insight: How do we show respect for our elders in Muslim communities and families when it comes to feasting together?

Byblos Bank - A Little Push Matter
Agency: McCann/Fp7

Market: Lebanon

Cultural Insight:  For young children in Lebanon, courage can be found through a friend’s motivation in order to pursue a goal. How can we adapt that insight into motivating people to take personal loans?

Cafe Najjar - Grandma
Agency: McCann/Fp7

Market:  Lebanon + Canada 

Cultural Insight: For many Arab grandmothers, it’s super important to keep in touch with their grandchildren who live abroad as migrants in Francophone countries and keep the tradition of reading their coffee cups to predict their future.

Pepsi - Tomorrow Begins with an Idea
Agency: Impact BBDO

Market: Middle East and North Africa

Cultural Insight:  Nothing brings people together more than a dreamer’s idea to expand on their vision beyond the borders of their little bubbles and hometowns. 

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