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Empowering global communities & cross-cultural communication strategies within modern-day Diversity, Equity & Inclusion practices.

Once Upon a Color - Musical Documentary (Amazon Prime Video)

Once Upon A Color is an award-winning musical documentary (Acquired by APV) that narrates the story of 8 artists of color from multiple cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds as they share their experiences, artistic work, and perspectives in their industries through a unified message that amplifies Diversity & Inclusion in the arts. 

Multicultural Communication - Virtual Panel with AMA/Baruch College

In Partnership with American Marketing Association At Baruch College, I presented a seminar for marketing students on cross-cultural communication and the immigrant experience in the American workplace. The talk included, strategies, inclusive practices and language for intercultural communication and business modules.

Media x 2020 Elections - Guest Feature on Fox News 61

Representing Post University’s department of Media & Communication, I had the opportunity to discuss media consumption of political advertising campaigns from a viewer’s perspective, giving unbiased and neutral commentary on the 2020 political climate. My feature was centered around analysing and critiquing political media messages from different angles.

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The Foreigner in The Room - Publication w/ The Diversity Movement

I consistently write articles around inclusive language in the workspace and sharing examples of lived experiences that need to be addressed when it comes to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practices. This piece addresses step guides on working with colleagues from different cultures.

Black Women in Media #GetReal 2020 - Seminar w/ 100 Roses From Concrete

Addressing the value of Black Women in the workplace and their cultural ability to progress business modules, inclusive marketing campaigns, equity in the workplace and mentor/sponsor young entry-level professionals to navigate the workspace in this thought-provoking and highly consultative panel workshop moderated by yours truly.

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