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Once Upon A Color is an award-winning musical documentary that narrates the story of 8 artists of color from multiple cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds as they share their experiences, artistic work, and perspectives in their industries through a unified message.
I took on a multi-faceted role as the director, writer, producer, music composer, and editor in the production of this film. The inspiration came from my actual real-life connection with all 7 individuals in the film. Having listened to their stories through multiple conversations along with being a passionate piano player and lyricist/slam poetry enthusiast, I realized that all these stories need to be brought together to show the world how Black, Brown, Indigenous and other people of color from underrepresented local AND global communities have so much in common when navigating an oppressive world that we live in. This is one of the most prideful pieces of art I have ever created, It was the launch of my career and navigation within the Diversity & Inclusion realm in America. 

Accolades and Features

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