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Arab American Experience in The Workplace. Diversity and Inclusion. 100 Roses From Concrete. Inclusive Actions

For many years Arabs in the US have been marginalized and categorized in misrepresentative categories which caused many professionals of Arab decsent to compromise their “Arabness” as an idenity in the workplace. Since April 2022 was the first official celebration of Arab American Heritage Month nationwide, I decided to organize and moderate an event around Arab American experiences in the workplace within the advertising/media industry in partnership with 100 Roses From Concrete

Breaking Into Higher Education
W/ American Society Of Journalists & Authors

From Advertising to Academia, I had the honor to share (at ASJA's annual conference 2022) how I leverage my experience as a creative strategist for multicultural campaigns and as a writer for inclusive workplace practices into college curriculums, lesson plans, and workshop material for students, teachers and organizations. 

 Black Women in Media #GetReal 2020 - Seminar w/ 100 Roses From Concrete

Addressing the value of Black Women in the workplace and their cultural ability to progress business modules, inclusive marketing campaigns, diversity & inclusion in the workplace and mentor/sponsor young entry-level professionals to navigate the workspace in this thought-provoking and highly consultative panel workshop moderated by yours truly.

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Presenting my film ONCE UPON A COLOR as part of POST UNIVERSITY’s Media Literacy Week discussing the “Creation” part in Media production. I emphasized on how creators of marginalized backgrounds amplify their identity narratives as part of the messaging when creating media content and how their lived experiences allowed them to be versatile and fluid with media production tactics.

In partnership with 100 Roses From Concrete, I’ve had the pleasure to co-organize and moderate a panel with queer-identifying professionals of different intersectional backgrounds as they share their experiences navigating the workplace. The purpose of the event is to highlight the distinct queer experiences that exist within the community and how different perspectives take place when it comes to shaping and understanding queer identities and their importance in the corporate structure.

I made an appearance with media maker Lynette El Louise on her show talking about my experience navigating the artspace in New York City and how -as an artist- I wear different hats to promote my narrative to my audience

Hosted and co-produced by myself and other amazingly talented artists, #VitualVibez brings musicians, filmmakers, fashion moguls, lyricists, and photographers from different cultures, ethnicities, and races during the peak of the pandemic for a virtual celebration of historically underrepresented artists around the world and empower the mission of global unity through music, arts and good vibes. 

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